About Us

A great service is more than the effort of one person, it is the combined effort of a great team, who are talented people that not only have a passion for the work they do but a passion to do whatever it takes to deliver above customer expectations, only with that combination can you offer a truly great service.

Who we are and what we stand for...

We are Dribb.com, D.R.I.B.B are the initials of our founders, Daniel, Rachel, Irene, Benny (Richards), Benny (Andrews), Dribb.com was originally founded in December 2005 (so we know our stuff), originally focused on providing basic hosting services directly to locals (based in London, UK).

Dribb.com was later acquired by Atlantis in 2012, it continued to operate without much change.

In January 2015 Dribb.com launched on Facebook & Twitter, the first social outing for the business since it's launch in 2005. Later in February that same year a brand new website design was launched combining new services such as SHOUTcast streaming, Web Design & Reseller solutions.

Below are some key points we would like to make.

  • We continue to be a UK based business, servers located across the UK.
  • We are cheap, but we do not compromise on customer support!
  • We have been in business since 2005, we're not going anywhere!
  • All our staff are fully skilled professionals, with many years experience.
  • We never compromise customer support and experience.
  • Our servers operate at 99.95% uptime minimum!
  • We invest heavily in security & in the latest software!
  • Partners like Dell, Intel, Microsoft & more who power our services.

Our Services